World Sales

by Sabina Guzzanti

(Italy, 2018)

Rome – a city over 2,000 years old which has survived every challenge immaginable: natural disasters, fires and invasions. However, today it is a city facing some of its biggest challenges to date, but why? At the heart of the problem is the lack of education amd political neglect. Rome is divided between those who have a say and those who don’t, a place where the church still holds all the power. The historic city, romanticised throughout cinema’s history, is now a place being left to rot – the artistic heritage has been abandoned and there are overflowing bins and drug dealers everywhere. Renowned, director, satirist and writer Sabina Guzzanti is one of Italy’s most celebrated social and political commentators and she has decided to turn the lens on her home city to understand what is going on beneath the surface, examining what the future holds for the capital of Italy.